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====== Creating a new user ====== A user account can be created by sending a request with the user’s name and password and optionally with an email address. ===== Authentication required ===== No ===== Response ===== JSON ===== Method ===== GET and POST ===== Resource URL ===== ===== Parameters ===== The sent JSON object //data// should contain the following parameters: ==== name ==== The username of the account to be created ==== pass ==== The password for the new user ==== email ==== Optionally, the email address of the new user ===== Example ===== ==== Request ==== <code js-script> data={ "name":"alex", "pass":"secret", "email":"" } </code> ==== Response ==== <code js-script> { "APIVersion":2, "result":1 } </code> In case of an error, a different response is sent. Please take a look at [[version_2:errors|Error Responses]].

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